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No upcoming events at the moment

Events 2021-2022

Menstruation Poverty Campaign 

With Stuvo+ and KU Leuven, our goal was to increase awareness on the issue of period poverty. 

Sopohrology Workshop

CWA conducted a workshop with Livia Verlinden to learn how to cope with stress in our daily lives.

Learn How to Code

In collaboration with Le Wagon, CWA hosted a coding workshop for beginners.

Virtuous Leadership Masterclass 

This Masterclass by Marie Glorieux explored the holistic and systematic approach to leadership. 

Inclusivity Event

Together with guest speakers from around the world, we discussed the role of disability as an asset in the workforce.

Women In Leadership

In collaboration with AFC and speakers from Belfius and Deloitte, we discovered the journey and challenge of female leadership. 

Marketing Workshop

The CWA marketing team took part of an exclusive workshop with a representative from Freepik.

Events 2020-2021

CWA x Eurofins Mentorship Program

Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women

Battle of the Sexes 
CWA x RedBull

CWA x AFC Smashing the Glass Ceiling Event 

Women @ Work Against Gender Discrimination

Let's Talk About Money

Investing in Gender Equality Event 

Burnout & Women's Health

Public Speaking Workshop

Let's Talk To Womentrepreneurs

Women Make IT Happen 

Burnout & Women's Health

Diversity in Finance

Case Interview Workshop

Let's Talk About Dress Code

CWA Meets Alumni

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